Website Speed Matters for Google SEO

No doubt, a fast-loading website always performs better. It is something that directly affects your website. That’s why website developers, business owners, and marketers pay attention to website speed.


Website speed is one of the important factors Google counts in ranking, too. Google has launched various tools to help webmasters and developers to improve the load time of their websites. But, does website speed matters for Google SEO?


The simple answer is yes. Website speed does matter for Google SEO. Website bounce rate and dwell time are the factors influenced by website speed. 


Why website speed matters? #


  • For better user experience


It is the century when people want information very quickly. Nobody has the time to wait for a long time on the web. In today’s era, the customer wants a very fast response. So, your website is not able to deliver quickly, which affects the user experience badly. That causes a decrease in sales and a drop in revenue.


Website speed is important not only for visitors’ positive experience but Search engine optimization and bottom-line results also count website speed. Search engines monitor the user behavior on your website and rank it accordingly. If visitors leave your website quickly, it impacts your website’s ranking. 


  • It’s an important ranking factor


Search engines recognize the user behavior on the website. Customer satisfaction is very important for goggle and other search engines. Core Web Vitals is the major source to evaluate the user experience. It considers interactivity, loading time, and stability of the content along with the other factors. The website speed I crucial for website ranking either we talk about on mobile devices or desktop. Speed affects SEO indirectly. 


How to check website speed? #


There are a number of tools available on the web to check the loading speed of your website. These tools include Web Page Test, Pingdom, and Think with Google. These tools help you t assess the speed of your website. These tools calculate the security based on the webpage structure, loading speed, visual content stability, and performance.


How to increase the website speed? #


  • Make sure to have professional web hosting services for your website.



  • Optimize Images and other media on your website. Images must not be too big as they take more time to load.



  • Make sure to have an optimized design for your website. A clunky website design can affect website speed badly. 

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