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space 25 GB SSD
cpu 1 CPU
ram 1 GB
bandwidth 1 TBIPv4
price €4.95/mo
space 50 GB SSD
cpu 1 CPU
ram 2 GB
bandwidth 2 TBIPv4
price €10.95/mo
space 65 GB SSD
cpu 2 CPU
ram 3 GB
bandwidth 3 TBIPv4
price €15.95/mo
space 85 GB SSD
cpu 2 CPU
ram 4 GB
bandwidth 4 TBIPv4
price €21.95/mo
space 145 GB SSD
cpu 4 CPU
ram 8 GB
bandwidth 5 TBIPv4
price €40.95/mo
space 245 GB SSD
cpu 6 CPU
ram 16 GB
bandwidth 6 TBIPv4
price €76.95/mo
space 400 GB SSD
cpu 8 CPU
ram 32 GB
bandwidth 9 TBIPv4
price €139.95/mo
space 500 GB SSD
cpu 12 CPU
ram 48 GB
bandwidth 10 TBIPv4
price €165.95/mo
space 600 GB SSD
cpu 16 CPU
ram 64 GB
bandwidth 15 TBIPv4
price €256.95/mo
space 700 GB SSD
cpu 20 CPU
ram 96 GB
bandwidth 20 TBIPv4
price €299.95/mo
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Many OS available to use

KVM Virtualization - on demand available OS

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No long term contracts

Flexible billing terms available

Frequently asked questions.
We use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) as it's full virtualization solution for Linux. Our control panel of choice is Virtualizor - ig is an advanced web based VPS Control Panel using which a user can deploy and manage VPS on servers with just a click.
We offer all the popular Operating Systems out there - Ubuntu 20.04, CentOS 8 Stream, Fedora 35, Debian 11.1 etc. and we can also accommodate custom OS requests.
Yes, of course, we have that covered as well! Please contact us to inquire about our management plans - we could offer custom management plans, depending on the assistance that you need and whether it's a one time task you need help with or you need your server fully managed by us.
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Our 4 million users are the 4 million reasons why you have to use our services. Each service we provide is a source of real-time intelligence about new and current threats. That’s how we run our servers to make that network even stronger.